Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Visit to the Red Mill

Last week I had a visit from some dear friends - Stephanie, Dan and Adele from Ann Arbor. They spent most of the week with me and we had so much fun!

Stephanie had a camera along that she bought just for this trip so we have some great pictures to share. These were from our trip to the Red Mill - just a few miles from Rural and Waupaca. Behind the mill, where the Crystal River winds it's way through some very picturesque scenery, is one of only two covered bridges in Wisconsin. A walk across the river on the bridge takes you to a lovely little wedding chapel.

You can see more pictures of the Red Mill in various seasons by clicking on this link: RED MILL On the map at the bottom of the page #1 is the Red Mill and #2 is the Weller Store in Rural.

Dan & Adele goofing around by the Crystal River - It's really hard to get a picture of them together without "bunny ears"!
A sign that spring is really here! (That, and all the fat robins hopping around eating earthworms!)


  1. Those are some great pictures Eileen. Those rabbit ears are too funny. Children are great! They crack me up all the time. I love that old bridge and church. It reminds me of the churches tucked way back, and hidden in the trees, in Georgia.


  2. Pictures are never complete without bunny ears!

  3. Hi Eileen! Lovely pictures! Surely look like pics I would imagine from a romance storybook. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for also coming to visit! I'm so happy you enjoyed my post about Paulette's goodies. You won't be disappointed. Her work is perfectly sweet! Have a wonderful week!

    Lisa :)

  4. these pictures are gorgeous! Spring is coming and its so pretty :)

  5. Eileen, what a treat for me to see the bridge and chapel. One day I would love to see them for real.