Friday, April 10, 2009

TGIF! And another chance to win the giveaway!

Friday is finally here! I'll be heading down to the big city to pick up my college student for a nice, long Easter weekend. Before I go, here are a few more shots from Central Florida...

OK - so these are orchids - and they're indoors. They were growing by the swimming pool and I couldn't resist taking several pictures of them. Technically, they're growing in Florida, so commenting on this blog gets you another chance to win the giveaway!


  1. I'm looking forward to my college student coming home for the weekend too. Unfortunately it will only be Sat. and Sun.
    There is a woman in town here who grows beautiful orchids in her home--she says it's easy--I doubt I could!

  2. Those are lovely...I need more fresh flowers in my house + garden!

  3. Those are gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by Home Ec 101. You know, I went to UWRF, once upon a time.

  4. hey~!~ my baby came home for the Easter weekend too~!!~ it's alway so good to see her~!~
    seeing your photos of Florida has made my Spring Fever even worse~!!~ here in the higher elevations of Nevada the grass isn't even green yet . . . heck we're just happy to be able to see the grass. we do actually have some crocus and some Spring bulbs pushing up but it's still in a "warm one day and cold the next" pattern.
    Orchids are one of my favorite flowers . . .i had some luck at growing a couple for short periods of time (a year or two) but beyond that no real success . . . thanks for sharing your lovely photos full of the Florida sunshine and have a great Easter weekend~!!~


  5. Beautiful Flowers!
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!
    How is your Mom?

    I will post this blog candy on my blog!



  6. Orchids are such lovely flowers. I am so glad Spring is here. Everything is sprouting and turning color. Love those warm long days.


  7. Oh these orchids are just beautiful.I know what about picking up college students.Have fun.
    Lori Smanski

  8. I like photographing the orchids at the Domes in Milwaukee. Your photos are beautiful.