Thursday, April 16, 2009

Florida Flea Market - Last Chance for Florida Giveaway Entry

One of the highlights of my stay in Florida was the access to garage sales and flea markets. Up here in Wisconsin the weather is just getting nice enough for such things. There's a really gianormous flea market between Milwaukee and Racine on Highway 41 called the 7 Mile Fair - you really should plan to stop in if you're in that area some weekend.
Back in Florida, I located a flea market not far from where I stayed in Ocala. It was advertised as a "Super" flea market but there wasn't too much to it. (Maybe they, too, are somewhat seasonal?) The following week I saw an ad for a flea market about an hour to the north of Ocala on Highway 301 in Waldo. Somewhere between Gainesville and Starke. My sister-in-law and I headed up there to check it out on the weekend and it was so much fun that I went back the following weekend and I made sure I had the camera along with me.

The flea market in Waldo was so much bigger than the one in Ocala, even with a portion of the stalls empty. It was bustling with shoppers and brimming with all kinds of goodies. The fresh fruit and vegetables were beautiful and priced just right. I couldn't resist loading up on a few bags to bring home to Mom. Yum!

Vendors were assembled both indoors and outdoors with their wares. Some of them looked like thay had been in the same spot for years. Indeed, the old guy with the architectural goodies looked like he could have lived there among the maze of stuff he had on display.

I was surprised to see vendors from many states other than Florida. There were, of course, some from the southern states but also from farther north like Minnesota, New York and even Wisconsin.

On my first trip to Waldo I met a vendor named Cindy Cross who had all kinds of lovely old photographs, ephemera, rusty hardware, skeleton keys, etc. I only picked up a few things knowing that I would have to carry whatever I purchased back with me on the plane. After I got back to mom's I thought I should go back and pick up more the following weekend and ship my treasures home by mail. Unfortunately, Cindy was nowhere to be seen when I returned. If you happen to stop by this flea market sometime, look for Cindy's stall. She also sells some nice western boots.

I was able to find some excellent vintage post cards a great old typewriter, buttons, coins and other assorted bargains and ship them back to the Weller Store. Now it's time to get ready to open the store in May! I'm excited about all the new things we'll have to offer this year!

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  1. I have never been to a flea market that big but keep reading about them on blogs--maybe someday--it would be sooooo fun!

  2. Take me next time!

  3. Wow, I want to go to that flea market! I love Flea Markets. It's funny I see this post. I was just telling my husband yesterday to talk to one of his friends Charlie and see if he and his wife would want to take a weekend and go to the Flea Market in Denver, CO. Guess I should tell them we need to fly to Florida and go. Boy I'd love to do that. Charlie won't fly though so it would need to be DH and I. Loving all the posts. I am a Ocean Beach Sea Life Fanatic and would love to be in Florida.


  4. I like antique stores and rummage sales. I'll have to check out your store if I am in the area.

  5. The flea market you are mentioning is the Waldo Farmers and Flea Market. Check out more information at