Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally! Fabulous Florida Fotos!

After a long and unsuccessful search for the missing camera cable and a couple of snafus at the photo shop, I finally have the pictures on a CD and can upload them to the blog.

This also means the blog giveaway has officially begun. Just comment on one (or all) of the Florida posts and I will randomly choose a winner. The prize package includes some vintage Florida post cards, a couple of ads from the 1950s for a free Florida vacation book and Rainbow Lakes Estates in Ocala, and a jar of YUMMY tangerine marmalade. Be sure to give me some way to reach you if you win.

Today's selection of photos include palm trees, oranges and flowers! I went a bit crazy with the flower pictures - it was so wonderful to see spring after leaving gargantuan piles of snow behind in Wisconsin. There's still no sign of color around here except for a few green sprouts making their way into the light. We should see some crocus blooms soon I should think.
The azaleas were just about finished blooming when I arrived. Still, they were a delight to me!
Of course, when a Northern gal is down in Florida it would be a shame to come home with no proof that she saw any orange groves. So here you go...

The only amaryllis plants we see way up here are in pots - it was lovely to see tons of them all over town just popping right out the ground.


  1. I JUST started growing an amaryliss inside last week. (After the Milwaukee Art Museum Art in Bloom event.) I didn't know that people actually grew them in the ground, which is dumb when I think about it. OUR SPRING WILL COME!!!

  2. I'm dying for warm weather here in Nebraska too! Your photos are beautiful and encouraging that we will see blooms here soon.

  3. Those are beautiful photos, it looks like you had a fantastic time!

    heatheranne 99 at hotmail dot com

  4. Boy Eileen...Your love of nature really shines through your postings!

    Nature is so precious!



  5. Florida is such a wonderful state. Your pictures are great. Love those orange groves and bags of oranges. Now you've done it. You went and made me hungry for an orange. Yummy!


  6. I've only been to Florida one time, but loved my stay while there...those oranges are making me hungry for some nice Florida oranges.

    prpldy (at)