Monday, April 20, 2009

Vintage Ad for Land in Florida

This is an ad that was in a 1950's Workbasket - in the 1940's my grandfather bought land in that area for $100 an acre!

Those old Workbaskets have some great old ads and pictures.


  1. Your are right. It is a great add. I would very much like to live and play down there. Hmm, but how to tolerate humidity? Have a good day. I'm off to work.

  2. I presume that the workbasket is an old magazine... Funny, I was just blogging about an older magazine I have - see I just realised this magazine basically had no ads...

  3. I have a good-sized "collection" of Workbasket magazines at home right now - think I'll put some in the store and share the wealth! They are old craft/needlework/knitting/crocheting/sewing magazines. I think they've been around forever!