Friday, August 28, 2009

New Arrivals at The Weller Store!

Not a day goes by when something "new" doesn't come through the door at Weller's! Very often some nice items get priced and reach the shelves only to quickly fly out with a happy customer within the next few days. The oldies but goodies shown below were photographed late this afternoon and are still available. If you can't get to the store and would like some information about an item, please contact me by email or call the number listed on the website for me.

The old wooden pulley on the left is new to the Junque Shoppe this week. We also just got in a pulley that has been decorated with greenery.

This delicate tea cup and saucer is both lovely and unique. The butterfly wing shaped handles are precious! (The linens and doilies you see in the photos are also for sale.)

Were you born in 1973? 1968? We have calendar towels for those years and more. I especially love the shade of blue in this towel.

Here is a lovely service for 12+ in absolutely perfect condition! There are 12 full place settings plus additional cups and saucers. The set also has many serving pieces. (I saw at least two creamers in the box.) A complete matching beverage service with large pitcher and three sizes of tumblers is also included.
Retro frogs for the bath! This wooden wall decor would look great in a 1950s or 1960s setting.

A sweet little vintage piece for mother.

The owner of this picture carefully removed it from a tattered vintage scrapbook and gave it a wonderful home in this lovely old frame.

A vintage embroidered pillow is still very vibrant and colorful.

We've taken in a few pieces of vintage clothing recently. This handmade slip ties at the waist and is in excellent shape.
I love the lace on these bloomers! The lace fibers have taken on an aged patina over the years while most of the rest of the garment remains white. It's so lovely!

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  1. i agree~!~that chickens calendar towel is gorgeous~!!~


  2. wow you seem to have done quite alot with your store. Looks like fun!

  3. What a wonderful place to browse! I love this shop..I spent one whole hour (and more than a Great atmosphere and wonderful people..Makes me wanna move in! Thanks guys for this beautiful little shop! Heather Sprenger