Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cutters for the Giveaway!

What are cutters? Cutters are those vintage linens with problems that still have life in them. You know, those pretty little embroidered baskets and flowers that are too wonderful to throw away - even though there is a big hole in the runner or a bad stain in the tablecloth.

So, what do you do with all those hours of hand stitching that Aunt Lizzie labored over so lovingly? Put them in a box or a drawer somewhere and let your kids worry about what to do with them when you're gone?

They're cutters, silly, so you cut them up and make magic with them!

Embellish the pocket of a plain blouse or skirt with some lovely blooms, use pieces of the design in collage work, add some color to your journals or altered books, add buttons, bobs or bits and mount it in a frame, or make some fabric brooches - the possibilities are endless.

A nice old chenille bedspread can easily become a pillow, a stuffed bear or a pair of girly pajamas.

I'll be tucking some nice pieces of cutters into the giveaway package. See the next post for details on how to enter the giveaway. If enough people enter, I may even add another prize for another winner!


  1. oh my heart has skipped a beat or two . . . love the bits that can be salvedged from worn out heirloom needlework~!~

    i may just stay and look at the photos for an extra few minutes while i sip my morning cocoa . . .


  2. These pieces just need the right touch to give them new life.


  3. My grandmother used to make pillow cases with chicken feed sacks. (all cotton) After making the pillow cases she would spend hours embroidering them. Right now I have one of those pillow cases,it is still in wonderful condition, on a special pillow I keep on my bed. Other pieces I found, that might have some fraying or small holes, I use to cover the bottom of my dresser drawers. They're prettier then any paper I could find and I can just take them out and gently launder them. Love embroidered linens. I still use embroidered runners atop my antique dresers.

    M.G. Merritt Island, FL