Friday, May 29, 2009

TGIF? Not for me!

Well, maybe for some people it's TGIF. Me? I'm looking forward to another busy weekend at Wellers. The weather promises to be beautiful - warm enough for some river travelers to be passing through town.

Here are a couple of photos that I haven't posted for you yet this week. I've had the camera along with me most days but I either forget to use it or am to busy to think about it.

We had a bit of rain earlier in the week but that didn't keep people from stopping by. In fact, it was a good place to duck in out of the rain (no pun intended).

Fran and June (below) were camping with a group of people from northern Illinois and they decided to get out of the rain for awhile and come it to browse. June ended up finding some really cool things for her 1950s kitchen.

Dale and Joan Jirschele from Wisconsin Rapids are spending some time in Rural at the lovely Crystal River Inn. Dale picked up a nice chess set from Mexico and Joan was happy to find a hand crafted wren house to replace her old one at home. They have yet to explore the Red Mill and they promised to be back at the store on Saturday.

The Mayor just loaded up his truck with Ting bottles and is headed for the bottling company tomorrow. We should have plenty of delicious Ting on hand very soon!

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  1. Oooooh! Ting has arrived. You can't beat bottled soda and ice cream cones. I can't wait to visit again soon!