Friday, May 22, 2009

And So The Season Begins...

The Weller Store is officially open for the season today! All the hard work paid off and I must say it's looking pretty good. The Junque Shoppe at Wellers is now open and "The Mayor" is already clearing out yet another room for collectible toys. Pre-season visitors to the store loved the Junque Shoppe and had fun sifting through all the ephemera and do-dads. One woman really had a lust for rust and she left with a whole trunkload of goodies. It may be a challenge to keep the room well stocked if things continue to fly out of there.

Look for the opening of the Collectible Toys room soon. In the meantime we have a huge new assortment of glassware, including some nice depression glass pieces. I especially love the light blue Bubble and Fire King items. We even have a few "Porta-Walls" from an old Packard and some more vintage tools for the guys. We brought in even more vintage jewelry and some lovely old hats for the ladies.


  1. I can't wait to see it!

  2. Hi Eileen!

    You've got a REALLY nice blog!

    I enjoyed reading a few of your posts...especially the one about your trip to New York! (wink, wink!) Great photo's!

    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog, and for your really, really sweet comment!

    Smiles, Paulette :o)