Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catalpa Shade

There are several of these lovely catalpa trees in Rural. Most of them, like the one here in front of the Weller Store, are volunteers from seeds carried by birds and other critters.

The leaves of the catalpa are huge and they open to full size quickly in the spring so they make wonderful shade trees.

The catalpa also has some delicate blossoms - like miniature orchids - that are replaced later in the year by long seed pods.

This tree sits on the lot line between Weller's and the house next door. I park my car on the neighbor's side of the tree in front of what used to be the blacksmith shop. My car stays relatively cool there on a hot, sunny, summer day, though I do occasionally have to wipe a little bird puckie from the windshield or hood of the car. Seems the birds are pretty happy in the shade of the catalpa as well.


  1. a gorgeous tree~!!~ it's hot here today and i could sure use some of that lovely looking shade~!!~

  2. This is such a coincidence! There's a couple of those trees around here in Evanston, and I've recently decided they are my favorite kind of tree, but I never knew what they were called. Now I do; thanks!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Ryan!

    LibbyQ, you are welcome to come visit anytime - we'll sit in the shade with an iced tea!

  4. I love catalpa trees. We have one or two small ones volunteering in our "forest". Most people really don't like them because of the mess they drop. Glad to hear someone else loves them.