Monday, July 20, 2009

'Bout Time!

Where does the time go? Summer is half over already and I'm getting behind on posting pictures.

Here are some visitors who always have a lot of fun at Wellers! Diane Rait and her granddaughter, Kailey, like to spend time shopping together in the store. They have a ball looking at all the vintage items and they always bring home something wonderful.

Here they are trying on hats and they both look gorgeous!

Kailey finally decided on the 1920s cloche pictured in one of the previous posts. (As you can see, she really looked great in all of the hats.)


  1. We just got home from a road trip to Wisconsin....Chippewa's beautiful country !!!

  2. glad to see you back Eileen~!~ i hope that your trip was a great one.

    i managed to find time to work on a fabric postcard while you were away. if you visit my blog, it's the one with the miniature shoo fly quilt blocks, red and white ribbon and red prairie points. it's not finished but it's close. let me know if you are interested in it for the trade that we discussed. if not, i'll happily try again.


  3. just found your blog (connected through the farm chicks) and i will definitely be back...i like the looks of things in your neck of the woods