Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Big on Bob!

Banana Bob, that is!

I recently acquired some lovely Banana Bob jewelry findings and have packaged up quite a few for the store. This line of jewelry was sold in high-end shops during the 1980s and the company has since gone out of business. I was very lucky to find a treasure trove of Banana Bob and other findings.

This is just a tiny sampling...

Also some excellent cameos and other little lovelies like beads, connectors, drops, cabs, settings and more. Here are a couple that I haven't packaged yet...

Over the years I've accumulated an extensive stash of vintage findings. Some from as far back as the '30s and '40s. I've been making room for all kids of jewelry goodies at Wellers so drop in and take a peek!

Stay cool!


  1. Never heard of that line of jewelry, but it is beautiful. Some great finds!

  2. hi Eileen~!~ and thank you for your recent visits on my blog. i apologize for being slow in response and appreciate your thoughts and prayers. i am very gradually getting things back on track . . . and feel like it's been forever since i visited your lovely blog~!!~

    love the beautiful cameos and the Banana Bob bits look like fun although i'm not familiar with the name. some of them look as though they would work into mixed media art pieces very nicely . . . i may have to take a moment to follow the link and check it all out~!~