Friday, February 27, 2009

Can Spring Be Far Away?

If there are flowers blooming in Texas, can spring be far away from Wisconsin?

My friend, Chris, sent some pictures of the beautiful flowers in her yard down in Texas. So, as she says, there is hope for us all!

The potted geraniums have been blooming through the winter

Purple Lantana

The first Gardenia

Red Buds in bloom

Thanks, Chris, for this little glimpse of hope and spring!


  1. Hello my Friend. I can only hope that spring is near! LOL

    There is something waiting for you on my blog!



  2. Yay Spring - I wish I had a place for pretty flowers! I love the new life that comes each year!

  3. good morning~!

    so happy to be visiting your blog . . . and as for Spring, i'm beginning to wonder if it will ever come to our upper elevations~! one day it's promising and the next it snows. there are some crocus and other spring bulbs just poking up and the mint barely peeking out so i know that there is hope . . . as long as i am looking right at them anyway~!~