Friday, January 30, 2009

Below Zero But Still Beautiful!

I went out to take some pictures a few days ago and the wind chill was so bad that I kept having to get out of it in between shots. I was bundled up with hat, scarf, mittens, boots and a heavy coat but the chill easily penetrated everything. Just above my boots my legs felt as though they were burning from the cold and, indeed, they were very rosy when I was finished photographing.

Still, it was a gorgeous day and I couldn't keep from capturing some winter scenes for these pages.

The Crystal River looks so much different now than in the summer with bare trees and banks of snow and ice framing it. There is a lot of open water near the portage where the river runs down a small drop and is diverted for the mill race. If not for that, I'm sure there would be a thick coating of ice from one bank to the other.

The first three pictures were taken from on top of the bridge by the portage on old state highway
22 - now the corner of Main Street and Cleghorn Road across from The Weller Store.

The last picture is a tease. I couldn't resist taking several shots of the Radley House that day. It is so much easier to get photos of this wonderful house when the trees are bare. It is encircled by black walnut trees that partially obscure the building from view during the other seasons.

I will publish more photos of this house and some of the architectural details in a future blog.

Stay warm and stay tuned...


  1. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your posts. So interesting and the photos are beautiful. Giving me an insight to places I would never know, making me want to visit!

  2. Eileen- I just had to comment on your blog - I am a Wisconsin girl at heart too - grew up in small town north of Milwaukee and went to college at Stevens Point! Your photos are great and bring back lots of memories for me! Look forward to reading your blog in the future
    Amy of the Salvage Studio